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Behind One's Destiny
Secret of Life and Answer to your Future


Learning The Language

Introduction To Bazi Chart

Introduction To The Ten Thousand Years Calendar

Plotting Your Bazi Chart
(With The Ten Thousand Years Calendar)

Plotting Your Bazi Chart Pg 30
(Without The Ten Thousand Years Calendar)

Plotting The Luck Cycle Chart

Plotting The Annual Luck

Introduction To The Day Master

Hidden Stems

Transformation In Elements

The Five Heavenly Stem Combinations

The Six Earthly Branch Combinations

The Three Directional Combinations

The Three Harmony Combinations

Strength Of The Day Master

Determining Strength Of The Day Master (Part 1)

Determining Strength Of The Day Master (Part 2)

Calculating Strength of Day Master (Practical)

Introduction To The Ten Gods

The Five Key Components Of Life

Favorable And Unfavorable Element

Have You Got What It Takes?

Relationship With Family Members and Other Personnel

Your Health and Sickness

The Four Palaces

Knowing The Clash, Harm And Punishment

The Six Earthly Branch Clashes

The Heavenly Stem Clashes

The Six Harms


Calculating One's Wealth

Choosing Your Career

Calculating One's Fame And Reputation

Calculating One's Romance

The Cycle Of Life

The Environmental Influences

Do You Know Yourself Well Enough?

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