Destiny Code: Everything in life happens for a reason

All events that happen in life always lead to a next event and so on and so for.

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The Secret Code Behind One's Destiny
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Everything in life happens for a reason

In fact, your very presence here now reading this very article has its reason too. Why are you here? To seek for yourself some answer to discovering your life?

Absolutely nothing wrong with that! How wrong can there be? When in doubts, always ask right?

This is the very way of life. All events that happen in life always lead to a next event and so on and so for. What will happen next? We wouldn't know and this is for you to find out. This is an ever-going cycle in the law of nature. At the end of the day, what matters is where will they lead you to.

And for what reasons would these events be, good or bad? It very much depends on you. This is the cause and effect of life. You have to understand this. It is always your actions that decide what should happen next. Picture them as a good cause and positive actions will follow. Picture them as a bad cause and more negative actions will just follow, leading to undesired outcome.

And for some reasons or so, many of us tend to just always prefer to have negative thoughts (pessimistic) than to having positive thoughts (optimistic) And with such thoughts in mind, even things that indeed happen for a good cause will just turn out to be for bad cause; leading to more and just more unnecessary stress and worries.

Why? Is there anything wrong to think positive? Is it against the law to think positively?

Perhaps let me just ask. To talk about a forest fire, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Terrible and frightening?

But what if I were to tell you that a forest fire is necessary and a must? (not talking about those created by man of course) In actual fact, natural wildland fires are essential for the correct functioning of many ecosystems; to allow the forest to renew itself; to bring about benefits for both the nature and us.

Understand this. Not everything in life happens for a bad cause.

To just share with you, I have known of a good friend who previously got retrench from his job. Back then, he was definitely feeling real depressed and lost. Not to mention that it took him almost close to a year before finding a new job. But it is because of the change in job that he met his love, to actually start a new chapter in life; happily married now.

Now, isn't that for a good cause that he actually got retrenched back then? Just recall. I am sure you have come across many encouraging events in your life too?

Or are you going to still, be complaining? Perhaps complaining about all those additional work assigned to you?

Sometimes, all those additional work which you may find rubbish are there to actually prepare you for your next journey. Think of it this way. Won't these new acquired skills and experience just come in handy if you were to start your own business?

Complaints won't get you anywhere. Open up yourself and you will see more. All those events you meet in life, be they little or major are there for a reason. Uncover them and they will lead you towards a new journey...

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