How can you overcome fear, to overcoming fear and become fearless

To befriend fear and let fear be a pushing force to push you on in life or to give in to fear and let fear overrun your life with failures

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How To Overcome Fear
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How To Overcome Fear?

How can you overcome fear, to overcoming fear and become fearless?

Well, let us begin by going through this simple exercise. Now, name me the most scariest ghost movie you have watched; the one that has greatly frightened you, haunting you with scary images and imagination after watching it. Good! Now go get hold of the disk of that movie. And what are we going to do with it? We are going to watch it of course and I want you to keep watching it everyday for a week or so.

And now, after watching it so many times, what is your comment on the show again? I bet you be so bored of the show after repeatedly watching it. And now, is it still as scary as it was the first time you watched it? Definitely not I am sure. Perhaps, you are even laughing at the stupidity of how the ghost looks and the way it walks, a scary movie turn comedy for you?

And well, that is exact idea! The best way to overcome fear is to jump into it and face it, feel the fear, be in touch with fear, live it and let fear be part of you. And just like repeatedly watching the scary movie, to get so used to fear that you will conquer your fear without you even knowing it. The more you confront your fear, the more comfortable with fear you will get each time and when you get more and more comfortable, that fear of yours will just naturally disappear. To name an example, for those of you who have been on stage before, you would have understood that the more you go onto stage, the lesser the fear will be each time. No doubt that you may be nervous but once you are up there on the stage, the rhythm will just slowly kick in. In fact, they are many who at the end of the day, actually look forward to their next stage performance or presentation and that is because they know they can perform and do better the next time.

Now, what exactly is fear? To understand, fear is afterall just an emotional feel of uneasiness of ours. In short, we self created fear. To begin with, fear wasn't even there till we actually created it! And what is the reason behind? One of the key causes of fear is uncertainty, we fear the undesirable outcome of things; we fear that things will not go in the way we want them to be and we begin to anticipate and imagine the scary and ugly side of things. But to just ask back yourself, has things really happened?

That is just the problem with many of us; the bad habits of ours as human, to have the tendency to think negatively. Before things could really fail, many of us have already in our mind sentenced ourselves failure. And to be actually having such negative thoughts of failure, it is just very natural that fear would arise within us. But again, may I just ask, is this fear really necessary? It is really necessary to fear for what that has yet to happened? No! This is definitely not the way life should be, this is just too tiring a way to be living your life. An enjoyable one is how your life should instead be, isn't it? Think about it. Have you been unknowingly giving yourself too much stress, unnecessarily fearing too much for what you shouldn't fear?

Understand this. In life, there is never a thing known as the perfect; there can never be a perfect outcome. No matter how good the result is, there is just bound to be still flaw to it. Even the wisest ruler can err in his judgment; even the strongest army can be defeated. So to be saying, there is absolutely nothing wrong with failure. Instead, you should be ready to face and accept failure, to learn from your mistake and correct them. And the very first mistake to correct now is to stop fearing for the unnecessary, to stop fearing for what that has yet to even happen.

You see, every event that happened in life is interrelated in one-way or another. Just like the sun that affects the healthy growth of the plants, your thought is going to very much affect your action and your action will ultimately affect next the final outcome of things. Think positive and you shall react positively, think negative and you shall react negatively; this is natural human reaction.

And to be talking about fear, what would fear be associated with? Fear would bring about the growth of courage. It is actually with fear that brought about courage and wisdom; it is with the experience of fear that we been through that we grow to be wiser. Well, I don't suppose you would stupidly jump into a pool of fire? And that is because you understand from your experience of fear that fire will hurt you. But then again, if we have allowed ourselves to be frightened off just because we were burned once, we would not have gone on to understand and enjoy the many other benefits of the use of fire which has significantly helped improve the quality of our living.

So similarly, if you allowed fear to stop you from exploring life, there is no way you could ever learn; there is no way you can ever progress in life. And I am sure that this is not the way you want your life to be? Now, understand this. Fear is there not as your enemy; fear existed only because you created them. The greatest enemy is ultimately still you yourself. Nobody but you can stop you from achieving what you want in life. Well, to be thinking and planning ahead is good but to be fearing ahead and bring yourself down is not. To work to the best of our capabilities, that is what we should be doing. But if you were to self create that obstacle of fear, do you think you can achieve that? Have you actually allow yourself the chance to work to your fullest capabilities? Now, if you can create fear, you have the power to similarly destroy fear.

And let me just ask you this last question. Now, why is it that you think you are actually walking and running on your twos now? Well, that is because you, as a baby back then, were able to overcome and conquer your fear. Despite facing uncertainty and repeatedly falling and hurting yourself, you courageously picked yourself up each time never giving up learning to walk till you triumphantly succeed. And if you can do it back then, why is it you can't do it now?

Well, to befriend fear and let fear be a pushing force to push you on in life or to give in to fear and let fear overrun your life with failures, it is your call. Think about it. Fear and courage lies just between a line, which side of the line are you going to be in?

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