Knowing Your Limit, The Key to Human Success.

Seek the correct understanding of life and know the true you within yourself.

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Knowing Your Limit
(The Key to winning a game)

"Excuse me, please know your limits" Now, I am sure you wouldn't find that a nice statement to be getting? Or has someone actually used the above remark on you before?

Yes. There is definitely a limit to things and a limit to what you can do.

But the question here is have you really reached your limits? And to answer you, I dare to be telling you no you have not! In fact, I have seen many who gave up without even actually even trying. Or perhaps to them, they have already tried more than just hard enough?

You see. Many of us are been brought up in a very well taken care of environment, especially the younger generations. As compared to the olden days, technology today has certainly provided for a much easier life. We have the best of the equipment and machines to help us with our heavy load of works. Transportation is like so convenient. And even walking, we have the most comfortable of shoes to be putting on and so on so for. In short, we are in a way too pampered.

Yes, to be seeing all these improvement in life is certainly brilliant. We definitely need to keep improving and move ahead. But still, we can't deny that technology has indeed in way disrupted the nature way of life.

Now, over-relying on someone or something is never desired. But to be saying, this is what happening to many of us; being either over pampered by the parents or relying just too much on technology, forgetting the very basic of things. And when real big problem come, ended up at a total loss for what to do, not knowing how to correctly handle the situation.

But the very fact is we do have the capability to overcome the problem but sadly to be saying, many just do not know how to put forth their inner ability to use.

You see. To begin off life way back into the past, survival was only made possible through the discovering and understanding of one's strength and ability. And this understanding is not achieved in just a day but through numerous of harsh and dangerous experimenting to overcoming of obstacles after obstacles.

But in this modern day now, many just simply give up trying upon meeting of some obstacles and which some are not even considered to be an obstacle at all.

Understand this. To begin off, there is never a thing called ruler or even pencil that exists. And to draw a straight line, we simply make use of stones to draw against rock. And will we be able to get a perfect straight line? No way, isn't it?

Precisely! And this is how's life has always been. There can never be a perfect smooth path in life too. A perfect life? No way is life going to be just perfect. In life, there is bound to be obstacles after obstacles you are going to meet.

To achieve success in life, you must be prepared to face them.

Now, think back again. Have you really tried hard enough? Have you truly reached your limits of your ability?

Seek the correct understanding of life. Give yourself the chance to know the true you within yourself. There is definitely more to what you can achieve.

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