Power of Though- Positive Thinking.

Laws of Attraction. The process of the want of achieving something, physical action, strong determination.

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It Is The Thought That Matters?
What is the definition of thought

It is the thought that matters?

To be more precise, it is rather the after-action that arises from your thought that really does matter.

Well, what is the definition of thought? A thought is the act or process of thinking; a concept or idea; a hope or intention of achieving something. In short, it is just a thinking which has yet to be actualized. So here, when nothing has actually been done, it would simply mean nothing.

Yes, nobody is able to read what is on your mind. At the end of the day, it is your action; the end result that they are going to see. It is through true action and not thoughts that is going to bring about the actual happening of things; to making a difference in life.

To be having positive thinking is definitely to be encouraged. But still, you have to understand that thought is afterall just the very initial stage of the process and to complete this process of the want of achieving something, it would still very much require that physical action of yours. So to be saying, even if you are someone with strong determination, that is only just the beginning. No matter how much you keep telling yourself; despite waking up every morning to tell yourself that you are going to be successful in life, you just will not be if you have done nothing at all. The great power of thought no matter how strong it is will just yields zero result if there were to be zero action taken.

Give you an example. Just picture the hundreds of passenger in the plane; altogether, each and every of the passengers hymning the thought that the plane is going to crash. Now, isn't this going to bring about an extremely strong power of negative thought? But still, the plane is not going to crash isn't it? And why is this so? It is because action overwrites the power of thoughts. Before even actually taking off, strict maintenance and check had been performed on the plane; proper planning that includes route of the flight and contingency plan had all been pre-made. And the technicians and pilots to handle the job are not any Tom, Dick or Harry. They have been all strictly and professionally trained. Well, they are not paid so much for nothing?

Now, by telling you all these is not to discourage you but rather to remind you of what you might have missed to realize. Give it some thoughts, have you unknowingly forgotten all those dreams and aspiration that you used to have?

Well, this is afterall one very bad habit of ours - to find excuses for ourselves to not be facing the harsh reality. Human are very good at this. We never fail to come out with thousands and thousands of excuses to avoid the confrontment of our fear and the unpleasantness; very proficient in our thinking and complaining but when it comes to taking real action, we instead hesitate and find excuses to telling ourselves that we will do it tomorrow. And did that tomorrow come? Most of the time, that never happens and we soon forgotten and loses all those great dreams and aspiration that we used to have. And in the blink of an eye, we are left with only thought of regrets and disappointment.

Regrets and disappointment, are these going to be the thought that matters for you? Now that you still have the chance, recall all those dreams and aspiration of yours. I am sure you have had before the thoughts of achieving something great for yourself?

And since you have already taken that first step to think and dream big, why not just make the other step toward it, to making your dream come true? Well, whether or not are they going to be achieved, that we wouldn't know. But one thing for sure, if you not going to make that move, nothing will ever happen. This is one very basic principle of life; Newton first law of motion - An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force.

The same principle applies here. If you are going to sit around and do nothing, nothing is going to ever happen. What are dreams and aspiration then? Just images of fantasy and delusion in your sleep?

Well, you can choose to dream on or move on, which say you? Ready for some real action?

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