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The Secret Code To Life And Destiny
Secret of Life and Answer to your Future

The Secret Life Code eBook Content

Clueless about your future?

But did you know that you have been holding the answer with you all these while?

Yes. Your birth data (your Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth) holds just the code that contains significant information on your Destiny - your Personality, Strengths and Weaknesses; Wealth, Career and Romance Luck, Opportunities and Challenges in life.

To leave your life for fate to decide? You don't have to be doing that. If you have the power to know beforehand what are the opportunities and challenges that await you, you can control your own Destiny.

And we are going to teach you just that. Through this book, you are going to learn the profound skill of the Classic Ancient Chinese Art of Bazi Life Destiny Reading, to knowing how to interpret and translate your birth data (your Secret Code) into valuable information and clues of opportunities.

A system that works around the wise logical study of the element of time, Bazi Life Destiny Reading has been around for as far back since the Tang Dynasty. During the ancient times, the use of this classic skill was widely employed by the Chinese who included the Chinese Rulers. It provided a helpful tool to the Emperors in the efficient administration of their empire. Back then, the advisors to the rulers were all well versed in the art of Chinese Astrology. They were able to interpret the Secret Code and plan for their master, the strategy to the best of time and prospect. And till today, Bazi Life Destiny Reading is similarly utilized by the many successful business tycoons, movie stars and even politicians.

To nevertheless mention Bazi Life Destiny Reading, many would relate it to a complicated and intricate study that is going to take years to master. But the truth is, it is not. In fact, you are going to master the very essence of the Classic Bazi Life Destiny Reading within the context of this book. This book has been specially arranged to its best simplified and clear-cut for your easy understanding and learning; an easy-to-follow flow that would lead you into the comprehensive understanding and strong foundation of the Classic skill. Illustrating with many helpful diagrams, charts and true-life examples, we will take you through from the very fundamental to doing the practical analysis for yourself - the valuable analysis of your Wealth, Career, Fame, Romance, Health and Strengths and Weaknesses.

And for those for you who have some knowledge in Bazi Life Destiny Reading and are having problems with categorizing the strength of the Day Master, which many faces, you can now put to an end that headache of yours. In this book, we will show you how it can be all simply categorized into just generally Strong and Weak; clear-cut and simple; to subsequently identify next your favorable and unfavorable element.

And a word of caution for those of you who interpreted the Ten God (Direct / Indirect Wealth) as your wealth element, you have to understand that they do not in actual always represent your wealth element, typically when you are a Weak Day Master. Many especially the beginners made this common mistake. Upon seeing Direct and Indirect Wealth, they simply draw to the immediate conclusion that they would experience favorable wealth luck. But in actual fact, this is not always the case.

If you have been studying or practicing the skill, you should have understand that when you are a Weak Day Master, Direct and Indirect Wealth would be of your unfavorable element. So here, if you are a Weak Day Master, how can Direct and Indirect wealth (your unfavorable element) possibly bring for you favorable wealth luck? And if your "wealth" element is going to remain unfavorable throughout, are we then concluding that as a Weak Day Master, you will never be able to acquire riches?

Not, of course. In actual fact, many of the successful tycoons have just the Bazi Chart of a Weak Day Master.

Now, to be interpreting wrongly your wealth element would mean a total undesired outcome and we are sure this is what you wouldn't want. In this book, we will explain in detail how to correctly identify that wealth element of yours.

Be it that you are seeking the answer to your Destiny, an enthusiast who seeks the further insight of Bazi Life Destiny Reading or a practitioner looking to deepen your knowledge and skill, this is one ideal book that could help you achieve that.


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