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The Secret Code To Life And Destiny

Every journey has it beginning and so is yours to begin with. The very moment you came onto this Earth, the journey of your life destiny begins. And right at this very moment, you are assigned with a very special code; a code that determined who you are; a code that determined that very life destiny of yours. We call it the Secret Code of Life and Destiny. And this Secret Code would provide you with the key to unravel that mystery behind your life destiny.

To begin, you have to understand this.

Our life is greatly influenced by 3 factors (Heaven Luck, Human Luck and Earth Luck) and they each accounts for 33% of our path of life. Hmmm...? 33% x 3 = 99%

Now, you must be wondering where has the 1% gone to? But may I just ask, do you think life is going to be that 100% perfect?

So what exactly are these 3 luck?

Heaven Luck is the luck that follows you into this Earth. And behind this Heaven Luck lies the Secret Code to your life destiny. Think about it. You couldn't deny the fact that you have totally no say over your birth; the place and time of your birth; the decision to be born into a rich or poor family? These are all predetermined and written in that special Secret Code of yours. Take it or leave it, this is where your life journey begins.

Earth luck is what we refer to as the environmental influences, your residing and working environment; how the metaphysical forces of nature in these environments affect you (both positively and negatively). And very often, Feng Shui is used to help manipulate these metaphysical forces (known as also Qi) to enhance on your life to attain beneficial changes.

Human luck refers to you. It is what you achieved through your up-bringing, virtues, educations and etc. Or to simply put it, it is your own actions and willingness to work hard towards your goals. And this is certainly what is within your control.

Here, these 3 luck would add up to be known as also the Trinity Luck and it would be what that determines that success of your life journey.

Now that you are actually here, I should believe you are someone who is keen in improving yourself and one who seek achievement and success in your life?

So I should assume that before reaching here, you have been through readings or motivational courses and workshops that teach you on how to go about achieving wealth and success in life, to becoming a master of your own life and destiny? Well, absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, all these readings and courses can be very enriching to life and it is good to know that you have been working hard.

But here, I would like you to understand that motivational courses and workshops would actually come under the 33% of Human Luck (your human actions).

In fact, your very presence here would fall into this Human Luck too. Well, this is again very good. At the very least you have been positive in your human actions, having that willingness to explore and find out more about your own life destiny. The greatest tragedy in life is when you deny yourself the chance to move on, putting a full stop to things; a full stop to your journey in life. But it is obviously clear that you are not. So good, let us move on.

Knowing that you have been working hard on your Human Luck, the next would be to tap further into the other Luck - Heaven and Earth Luck.

Heaven Luck (Destiny Luck)
The Sccret Code to Unlocking the Mystery of Life

Let us talk about first the Heaven Luck. Perhaps to allow you the better understanding of Heaven Luck, just simply think in terms of good luck and bad luck. Now recall. I am sure you have experienced times when everything seem just so smooth, succeeding simply in everything even with the very least of effort? But then again, there were times when things just don't go the way you want despite the fullest of your effort?

Now do you think all these happen by coincidence?

The truth is they are not. In actual fact, all these luck have been predetermined. But then wouldn't predetermined mean prearranged and unchangeable, you may ask. To be honest, yes nothing can be done to change your Heaven Luck.

But what if we were to have the power to see these predetermined luck, to knowing when they are going to be favorable and when they are otherwise unfavorable? Here, wouldn't this mean the power to determine our own actions to control them? You would know very wisely what to be proceeding with and what to be avoiding, when to go for it and when to be better on your guard. Surely with a better understanding of these luck, you can make better plans for yourself? What says you?

How to Succeed In Life, to Becoming a "True Master of Your Own Life and Destiny."

To succeed in life, we have to always work things around the smart ways, isn't it? To be doing the right thing at the right time. And well, to unlock these predetermined luck of yours, the very key to do so would be your special Secret Code.

To win a battle, you must know very clearly when to strike and when to retreat. And in the ancient Chinese war times, the use of this Secret Code has helped to secure many of triumphs and victories. Back then during the ancient war times, many of the advisers were all well versed in the Chinese art of astrology. They were able to interpret the Secret Code to tailor their strategies to the best of opportunities.

The Secret Code To Life And Destiny
Secret of Life and Answer to your Future

In this book, we are going to teach you just that, to interpret and understand your special Secret Code to unlock that Heaven Luck of yours. Here, you will master the art of being the master of your own life destiny.

[ Redeem Your Secret Code to Your Life and Destiny Now ]

Earth Luck (Our Environment)

And last but not least, let me just touch briefly on the very last of the Luck - the Earth Luck. And to be talking about Earth Luck, Feng Shui has to definitely be in the picture. As mentioned, Earth Luck refers to the environmental influences. In this very Earth that we reside, we are at all times surrounded by an invisible life-force (known as also Qi) and these invisible energy affect and influence us in ways which can be both favorable and unfavorable. For instance, they may bring about negative influences that affect your health, wealth, career, relationship and etc or vice versa.

Think of it this way. During times of nature catastrophe, we find the animals and insects fleeing and migrating. Why is this so? Because the Qi in their environment changes. The animals and insects sense the flow of destructive and negative Qi coming. Humans however lack this ability. Feng Shui hence comes into place to help identify the presence of these negative Qi in an environment and manipulate them to instead bring about beneficial influences.

Nonetheless, everyone react differently to the Qi that is surrounding them. What may be of favorable Qi to some may inversely be of unfavorable to you. Feng Shui will in this case come into place to help tailor and fine tune the environment to manipulate and harness the correct Qi to benefit each individual accordingly. There can never be a standardized one-for-all Feng Shui formation. Likewise, these Qi changes their influences from period to period of time. And as Qi can never be created or destroyed, Feng Shui also helps to redirect or revitalize the Qi in that environment to better bring about beneficial influences.

And coming back to Heaven Luck, you will also learn from this book that the favorable and unfavorable luck can be further identified as favorable or otherwise unfavorable wealth luck, health luck, career luck and etc. In short, there are going to be different types of luck that you be going through in life. Again, wouldn't it be beneficial to be knowing them?

And just like Qi, your Heaven Luck changes its influences from period to period of time. The only difference is they are all already predetermined and cannot be manipulated like the Qi.

So to be saying, when you know what kind of a Heaven Luck you are going through, you can apply the use of Feng Shui to help either enhance on that Heaven Luck if it is favorable or reduce the negative impact if it is unfavorable. For instance, let us say that you are currently going through the Heaven Luck of unfavorable wealth luck. Here, you can apply accordingly a Feng Shui formation that would strengthen your wealth luck to help reduce the impact. Or if you are currently going through the Heaven Luck of unfavorable health luck, you can apply also the use of a Feng Shui formation that would help enhance on your health.

And to what extent will Feng Shui help, you may ask. Well, it definitely does not have has that amazing power to make you rich overnight especially when you are going through an unfavorable wealth luck. As had already mentioned, nothing can be done to change your Heaven Luck. If you are bound to meet this misfortune, you just will be. But Feng Shui can help to very much reduce this misfortune for instance instead of ending up in a bankruptcy, you will be able to breakout with the minimum losses. Well, to survive would mean a chance of making a comeback, isn't it?

And yes, favorable luck will eventually come. Heaven Luck changes its influences from period to period of time, remember? You are not going to be bound to ill luck for the whole of your life. Here, if the Heaven Luck is instead favorable say for instance favorable wealth luck, the use of Feng Shui would help to further enhance and boost this wealth luck of yours. And not to forget also your Human Luck. If strong positive human actions were to be added in, your wealth luck will be boosted by thrice. Grabbing hold of the best of luck, bringing together the Trinity Luck to its best fullest, isn't it almost a sure win battle?

Well in any case, you would find that Earth Luck is usually very much linked with Heaven Luck. For instance, when you are currently going through the Heaven Luck of unfavorable wealth luck, the chances are your residing or working environment will be very much affected by unfavorable Qi that affects your wealth too. Whether it is by coincidence or not, we have indeed seen many of such cases.

To conclude, we can say that Heaven Luck is the starting point. And with the power to look into this Heaven Luck, we are able to foremost identify the problems and nevertheless the opportunities. Earth Luck and Human Luck would then be able to come in next as the remedy or supplements to accordingly help enhance on the success of your life.

Seeing the importance of understanding your Heaven Luck now? So let us get started.

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